I Told a Good Friend...

i told one of my really good friends that i have some issues and have been thinking about killing myself and that i have been cutting myself and that i didn't like anything about me. he basically slapped me in the face when he rejected what i had to say. i feel so worthless now. i know he was trying to help but it didn't and it feels like nobody cares...i don't even like me...there really is nothing about me i like.

knittster knittster
18-21, M
3 Responses Oct 28, 2008

i know how you feel. i have been cutting for so long now and i have been feeling worthless for so long too. talking to a doctor may or may not help. if you havent tried it then just give it a try. theres not much to lose. by my personal expiriences i have talked to many doctors and nothing has worked. so i gave up on that. plus it has landed me in many places and that wasnt good either. but you never know things could work out for you. i hope they do. so just go talk to a doctor. maybe youll feel better:)

Anytime where there is a potentical of suicide and you know this ,. you shoul seek medical advise as to what is the issues for you and how to deal with them in a healing manner.. suicide is not about healing..

Sometimes friends just don't know what is the right thing to say under those sorts of circumstances. Maybe it would be better if you said this stuff to your doctor.