I Didn't Loose My Mother!

If you read my experience "Afraid of Loosing My Mother", you'll get the whole gist.

But basically, here it is. I was so afraid to tell my mother that I put a ring on my lover's finger. So just now, I told her. And oh my God was it amazing. I seriously thought she was going to yell and rave and smoke a whole pack of cigarettes. But I was wrong.

She was so happy for me and glad of what I was feeling. Of course it does probably help that she absolutely adores T (T is my girlfriend).

And guess what? At the end of our conversation, she said I was young, but she had faith in my decision, and that she loved me with all her heart and I was still her baby girl. (Even though I look more like her baby boy.) And lastly, that I should quit overanalyzing.

******* brilliant!

HypeArt HypeArt
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RIGHT ON. How much more joy can you have then to be blessed to love by the ones you love? It is always happy when people share in that...especially somone you love so much.

Hype,<br />
Confused is 100% right! I came out at my "deb" party and my mother was highly upset but not so much of my sexual orientation, but because I did it so publically! Nevertheless. it is always best to be true to yourself. If someone doesn't accept us and live us unconditionally, than that is their problem and not ours.<br />
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Congrats on both coming out and your wonderful relationship!<br />
Many blessings for you both honey!<br />
Hugs & Blessings,<br />

HypeArt,<br />
That is an amazing story, sometimes we do over analyze a situation, I was the same way, I did not come out to my family right away because i was afraid of hurting my M0m, but she actually found out and i had no idea until she told me that she loved me no matter what decision i made in my life and that she loved my girlfriend, and that was a very touching conversation....I wish you two all the Happiness in the world, Keep the relationship fresh by experimenting new things with each other, and remember this, PASSION above all is the most important emotion in a relationship.......hugs......Rhon.