A Blow To My Confidence

I told my oldest sister that I crossdress. I told her as a lead in to the fact that I intend to become female. We were always very close. But not any more. She just couldn't handle it. Now I rarely see her, and when I do, we just nod at each other. My sister is lost to me now. It was a big blow to my confidence. But, I am who I am, I'm proud of who I am. I hold my head up and say I'm female to the core. I'm sorry my sister can't handle that. I miss her.
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I didnt tell my sister.i was in bedroom with her girlfreind who said she wanted to live a fantasy and it would be worth my while if i helped her out.i said ok unsure what she was on about then she said undress so i did then she put this sexy lace lingerie on the bed and said put it on.i didnt know,i stood there with a hard on and said ok first the panties then bra suspenders stockings slip skirt and blouse..she took photos and said we were the only 2 to see them,she ask how i felt i said funny but horny she lift my skirt and started giving me blow job when the door suddenly open and in walked step sister she smiled and said i look hot,then said if i dressed up for her freind then i can do it for her when she wanted me to or she would tell,,that week end we all went shopping the girls buying and trying lingerie wheen they called me to dresser room an said get undressed and try it on so i did,,my sis and freind buy womens clothing for me and we now go to motel so i can dress up and we have fun

So sad you and your sister are not close.

hope she comes around to love having a new sister

It is unfortunate that she didn't accept it well, but I think crossdressers forget that what they say and do has an impact on others. Being you is being you and that's OK. But, if you want the support of family and friends, perhaps feeling them out first instead of springing it on them would be best. There will always be people who will not accept people as they are... some whites hate blacks, some people hate Jews, some hate gays, etc. But, those that love their families feel them out first. I accept my friends who crossdress. I don't care what they wear because I like them for who they are on the outside, not for their fashion choices. Now, when they can't coordinate colors and fabrics, then I pull them aside and let them know that they look crazy and disgusting and that the need to spend some time looking at some fashion magazines. But, other than that, who cares what someone wears?<br />
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If you sister comes around, fine. If not, that has got to be OK too. You only have your life to live. Enjoy it.

I didn't spring my being trans on my sister; but my wife did and neither of them is ok with it.

Very sad, life is very short, even shorter at my age. One in a hundred babies has a gender issue. It's no different to being born with one leg. We are how we are. Society has a lot to answer for.<br />
Love<br />

Yes, a tragedy, and I don't suppose there was any other way to say it that would have made a difference. I fear the same with my daughter (20), who just can't handle it or open her mind right now to even talk about it. Not wanting to understand or learn is the worst: you become an ob<x>ject to others just as you are becoming real person to yourself. I haven't told my sister either: I nearly did but I sensed that it wold very much need to be the right setting and the right moment.

im so sorry that happend, im the same way, the only difference is i have no sister to share it with. i dont know to be happy or sad about it but i have many online friends who i have seen the faces of who already accept me. i think if there is at least one person who accepts you the way you are then thats fine, but thats just me

It's a shame that we live in a world that has, regretably, many people who do many evil, bad, horrendous and violent acts.I'm so sorry that your sister finds your peaceful lifestyle and disposition unacceptable. Maybe, hopefully, she will 'mature' as time progresses.<br />
Jim (A straight, tollerant widower)

That’s absolutely terrible.<br />
It’s not like you suddenly became someone that you weren’t before.<br />
I hope the two of you will be able to heal what sounds like a close relationship you had before.<br />

That is hard. <br />
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I told my sister and she said something like 'SO WHAT?'<br />
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Sadly, we really aren't close. She has her family and I have mine...and we live far away from each other.<br />
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She cares about me and all...but we aren't so close.<br />
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I even wore my night shirt with my parents around while on vacation...no need to hide anymore with my family.<br />
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Even with my sister-in-law my green painted toes were ok. She somewhat accepts it.<br />
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Maybe that is because the changes are measured and incremental.

I am sorry that you've suffered this. Maybe, given time, she might come around.