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I recently told my sister that I am a cross dresser.Initially, she was very surprised, never guessing that I might do this. She appreciated how hard it must have been for me to tell her. I was prepared for the cold shoulder, but instead got "Oh, Okay". Later in the week she called me back and said that it hadn't changed her love for me. OK, it was a surprise, but she would be supportive whatever the outcome of my psychiatric evaluation,

I am truly lucky, as this is the greatest cause of family fracture.

UPDATE:July 2012
Two years later, and many tears shed, I am now a woman.and happy with that.
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Your sister sounds like pure gold!!

My condolence s for the loss of your sister.

It's nice to hear you have support from your sister and your family is back together. You've through so much turmoil.

That's wonderful to hear. Opening up and telling someone you crossdress is not an easy thing to do. Particularly with a family member. You want to believe that they will still love you regardless, and that they won't pass judgement...but that's not always the case.<br />
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I've never shared my secret with my family. My wife knows, and so do a few friends, a couple of ex-friends, but that's it. I'm glad it worked out for you.

It's gone much further than cross dressing, living as a woman now full time. My family is a close one and there are no secrets between me and my siblings. It has come at a cost though. Unfortunately, being TG can be "expensive"

Yes, it comes at a significant cost. I am happy to hear your family is close, so that you can live as a full time woman. I remember sharing my simple crossdressing desires with a friend. Someone I trusted and thought would be open minded. I was wrong. She never exposed me, but we don't talk anymore. I guess I should be thankful she at least kept my least I think she did.

So many people are locked into their own world! You have a great sister!

Mine is disgusted, doesn't want my brother or her husband or her children to know.

I'm sorry to hear that Nikki. Her husband also knows.

I feel truly blessed.

I do feel extremely lucky.

its good your sister accepts you. i wish i had a sister to tell about my being a Transgender. i say yo uare very lucky

We're no freaks, just born this way. It's great that your sister has accepted you.