Role Reversal

I went in to the bed room and got out all my lingerie i have a nice little collection, I set out the white out fit, a beautiful little teddy, garter belt, stockings, fantastic baby doll toe 5 in heels, I have a latex chest of 40DDD, that i love to see it on me, a full latex female mask, with a wig, I took a shower, shaved my body completely, ( that was a lot of work,) with the mask on i feel i can lose me and become a her, (i don't have a name for her) it was my desire; to be made love to by my wife, She had come in to the bed room and put her new heels on and her biggest **** on, a nine incher, I knew what i was in for!, I had been getting ready in the bathroom, she had layed down on the bed, totally nude, she has a great female body, with a new set of ****, she looked very sexy, but i was the female this time, she asked me to show her how i looked, i came out of the bathroom very slowly, she gave me a huge smile, told me i looked very beautiful, I felt very beautiful and desirable, i took a big final drink, and asked her make love to me, she looked me in the eye and told me she would love to, she layed on her back, stroking her ****, i crawled up on the bed between her legs and asked if i could suck her ****, she nodded yes, I lost my self in it, i had become very hard, she saw that, and told me; i looked very excited doing this, i was, she told me my mouth was warn and soft, after about 10 minutes she asked me lay on my back, I did as i was told, she kissed my **** and told me that was all i getting on the subject. slowly she kissed me up to my neck then she slid the shoulder strap off my left shoulder, and kissed my breast, then she sucked on my nipple, i swear i could feel it in my loins, she told me how beautiful i was and how much she loved me, she wanted me!, i felt it completely. the time had come for her to **** me, she told me to put a pillow under my ***, I did and slid down on the bed a little, she climbed on top of me, i could feel her hard **** between my legs, she reached down and put her arm under my right leg and lifted it up and let her **** find my opening, ( had put a lot of lube in my ***) i reached down and grabbed her **** in my fingers, told her let me guide it in, she told me that would be nice, i closed my eyes and relaxed, she slid the head in and i gasped, it was wonderful, she told how tight i was, she slowly entered me a little at first, slowly pumping in and out of me, i could feel the head of her **** as it came in and out of me, i think i truly felt like a woman at that moment, I asked her **** me, she lifted her self up on top me and started pumping me the whole length of her ****, i really could feel the beginings of a climax, i was moaning, losing me self to her, she told me how beautiful I was with a **** in me, i could fell the climax coming, I begged her to **** me harder, she really started to plow in to me, i moaned as her **** hit bottom, each time, the climax was getting closer, she told me play with my ****, as i put my hand on my breasts i felt the climax start, i yelled it felt so intense, she bucked as if she was cumin in me, colors crossed my mind, then stars, i was shuddering, as i came down, she told me to get on my knees, I did as i was told, she kissed my breasts as i changed positions telling how hot i was.

She got behind me, I put my face in the pillows, she slid her **** against my ****, at the base of it, it felt great, i need a moment to collect me self it was all so unbelievable, she told me to put her **** in me. she thrust it all in at once, pulling me back with her hands on my hips, it kind of hurt, but i wanted this, she told me to *** for her again, i told her to **** me "**** me..**** me...**** me.. balls deep..**** me" i could feel the climax coming back, my turned my face back in to the pillow, and screamed, as i came. my body started to shake uncontrollably, i dropped flat to get her to stop. it was toooo intense. i had to have her out of me. she told me i was a great ****, and she loved me soo much. we were not done yet she told me. i asked for moment, she got up and went and got a another drink. I rolled over and took the mask off, i needed to get a few breaths, i looked down at my **** and it was soft, my **** had just about disappeared. I could not stand, my legs were week, my *** felt good, kind of loose, kind of sweet, ( i had not eaten for the day before this and really cleaned my self out great ), i could smell the perfume, i had put on. she came back in and told me to get up!, i could hardly get up, she kissed me on my lips and told me she loved me soo much, and wanted to give me the passion i desired, she layed down on her back put a pillow under her ***, and told me get on top of her. I love this position, but this time she told me " turn around and put her **** in me, i faced her shoes, reached between my legs and held her **** in my hands and slid in it my ***, i could put my entire weight on her, all the way in , i thought i could feel it in my stomach, she told me to lay back on her, she reached around me and grabbed my breasts , i could feel her hands on me and her **** in me, she told me to **** her, and *** for her again, i really did not thing i could, but i raised my knees up, and in my heels, which gave me plenty of height, i slowly raised my hips up and down, she too was in heels, she raised her knees up too which gave her the right angle. i ****** her, for a few minutes and really did not this i was going to *** again. then she told me how good i felt, and how tight my *** was, and that i was going to make her ***. so i really got into it, and strangend my abs, and really started pumping on her ****, and dam it, if i could feel the climax coming back, my core started to feel like it was going to explode, she squeezed my breasts, hard pinching my nipples, she started to tell me to *** for her, but i did not make it that long, I bucked as the climax came over me again, not as intense as the last one, but a good one, I asked if i could trun around, she told me i could, but she want to have me on my side, I asked if i did that for her, could i mount her and have her *** in me with her arms around my hips, she told me she would let me, my head was spinning as i layed down and put a pillow under my waist, she layed behind me and kissed my neck, put her knee under my knee, and raised my leg up and this time she held her **** and put it in, but she put her fist around the base of it and only gave me the top 4 inches. she told me to just relax and let her **** me, i needed the moment , but I truly felt her just ******* me, no great climax, just her **** in and out if me, for a moment i felt like a real woman, just letting my man **** me, she reached under my face, turned my head to face her and she kissed me on the lips, we told me she loved me and i was a great ****, she told me she too had *** a couple of times, and how did it feel to just letting her **** me, i told her i was glad i turned her on and that she wanted to **** me, the whole time she was ******* me. she told me to lay my head down and she was going **** me for another couple of minutes, it was good, i relaxed, closed my eyes and let her feel me up and **** me, i put me hand on her hip and felt her flexing her muscles, this may have been my favorite part, it was very loving to lay back and just let my lover **** me and enjoy themselves.

she grew tired after a few minutes, and told me to get up and let her rest for a minute, i was happy to, i went in to the kitchen and made us a couple of drinks, i stood in front of the front window fully dressed with my breasts on and teddy straightened out, my stocking and heels on, but not my mask on though, smiled as cars drove by, i finished my drink, and made another one, went in to the living room and sat down and crossed my legs, put my head back and closed my eyes and smiled.
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May 17, 2012