We had been married about 4 months and the previous month had been very cold. Finally there was a relatively warm day. I had been drinking a lot of water that day. After dinner I suggested we go for a walk around the neighborhood because I did not know it very well. My bladder was full. We went around to some of her favorite stores, including her favorite ice cream store. We sat there while she ate a large cone and I was feeling increasing pressure. After we left we walked several blocks when we started talking about having children. By this time I had no chance of getting home in time. I started questioning her about all the issues of having babies and young children. I steered the conversation toward potty training and accidents. She said it was a phase they would soon outgrow. I asked how old she was when she wet her pants for the last time. She said she couldn't remember ever doing it. I was wearing a long coat. Finally she said she wanted to go home. We had about a 10 minute walk. When we got home we took off out coats and she looked with astonishment at my pants. She asked why I didn't say anything; why didn't we come home sooner.I just said she seemed to be enjoying the walk. How long had I been wet? I said when I asked about potty training and accidents the way she said they would soon outgrow it made me too embarrassed to admit I had just had an accident; I was afraid she would say I wasn't potty trained. She said go clean up then let's go to bed.

When we went to bed she said I should never be embarrassed about admitting I had to go to the bathroom. She appreciated that I put her ahead of my own needs but I really shouldn't go in my pants just to not interrupt a walk. I said that if she wanted I would seek counseling, but it wasn't really an accident. I had liked to go in my pants for as long as I could remember. She hugged me and said it was OK; if I liked it she could live with it.

She did not tell me for many years that she was actually grossed out by it.
scinosensation scinosensation
66-70, M
Apr 8, 2016