I worked at a grocery store, the people in the office were basically supervisors, but actually glorified cashier who thought they had power, but possesed nothing in the big picture. When one of them was supposed to be a cashier, often the office person would call them into the office in order to assist with their laziness and screw the people who were actually doing thier jobs by forcing them to work harder to make up for being shorthanded.

I got fed up and one day refused to go along with it. I was closing and had a lot of sidework to do, but the other cashier was an office person and was trying to stick me on register by myself for my whole shift, which would mean I wouldn't get my work done.

So, instead of going along with it, I just did my side work, which meant that there was no cashier. This forced the office person to do the job they were assigned so I could do my work. When they talked to me about it, I told them I had my own work to do and I wasn't going to let them screw me over just because they were lazy.

I somehow got away with no reprimand, despite basically yelling at someone in a higher position then me. Probably because nobody wants to tell an employee that they shouldn't have been trying to get the work they were assigned to do accomplished.

I never worked as hard for the company after that, though, I came to hate my superiors and strive to make them look bad whenever possible.

TheBren TheBren
22-25, M
Jun 9, 2007