It takes guts to tell the girl you like that you like her. I've been hiding these feelings for over 6 months. I live with the girl, she's my best friends ex and my ex's best friend! Everything in my head told me not to tell her, it wouldn't end well.

My heart got the better of me and I told her but she told me that she loves me but as a friend.

I'm devastated, all these feelings  I had before (love, excitment, admiration, nervousness) have been instantly replaced by new ones (regret, self-loathing, heart-ache).

But I'd do it again, because at least now I know, and she knows.

willnevertell willnevertell
1 Response Nov 1, 2009

You did the right thing for you at the time. You must never regret the things you do, only the things you feel you should have done.<br />
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I recently told a beautiful young lady, I had feelings for her. Unfortunately she feels the same but because I am married, she said she will not go there.<br />
I am so frustrated because we are still friends and see each other often.<br />
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Seems we are both destined to be in this situation, however, Life goes on my friend and we have to get over these little hurdles in life.<br />
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Good luck. I hope you have a satisfactory resolution to your predicament soon.