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I used to help HIV positive chat members tell past relationships that they should get checked out for HIV (not devulging any information to who has HIV). This was a tough job, many people got mad at me (many nasty things said). If I used telephone to contact them, they would get my telephone number and harrass me, if I emailed them it was kind of the same (but easier to ignore and no effect of family at home). Now a days I do not offer to contact past contacts, I tell the HIV positive people that they need to have the local health board do the contacting. I could not deal with the raw emotions that people threw at me! ---------------------- http://www.AIDSchat.org
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some of that doesnt even sound ethical.....bf.

If someone is harassing your family, you should contact the police. <br />
It's a good thing that you're trying to do but some people take things WAY too far.