I told you i was okay, i told you i was fine, but everything i said was a lie, i really cried last night,i cried because i knew no one would  hear me or try to save me from my tears, no one ever liked the weird ones, so what if i am weird, i like to hug people most of the time why the people i just met i hug them, i like hugging people because i know how it feels to be lonely, i don't want anyone else to feel the way i feel. I smile to show you i'm fine, i bet you didn't know that all my smiles i gave to you and everyone else were all the same, i did it for years but still no one noticed, i just want to scream to the top of my lungs "I'M NOT OKAY!!!!!" but i don't like it when people worry...i want them to be happy... is it so wrong to lie just not make them worry?... I'm not to sure about that, but do i know? I'm just a stupid fourteen year old.

SuicidalColors SuicidalColors
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1 Response Feb 22, 2010

I admire that trait about you...how you want to make people smile instead of making them worry. But you still have a heart filled with worry...and if you dont find someone to talk to, dont try to at least make yourself truly ok, the bottled up emotions will come back.