When I Was Little...

As a little girl I would often be to lazy to stop what I was doing to pee properly in a toilet like a good girl. I would find other ways to relieve myself with out having to trek all the way to the bathrooms. I would hide in the yard to pee on a tree or behind a shed, pee in a container in my room and then empty it before it smelled and I also often peed just on the carpet and then blamed the dog. Worked like a charm.

As a teenager I did a little less peeing outside but now that I was doing my own laundry I was doing more lazy pees into my laundry basket or on towels. I could wake up in the middle of the night- not feel like walking across the hall and just prop my bum up on the rim of my laundry basket and let it all out- then wipe with a bit of towel and head back to bed. Or whilst studying I might put a folded up towel under me so I could pee as soon as I had the urge with out interruption.

As an adult living in a home of my own with no down stairs bathroom I began to often take lazy pees on our back deck rather than head upstairs for a toilet. I still used the dirty clothes since the husband rarely does the laundry. I would wake up in the middle of the night- ensure he was sound asleep and then pee right beside the bed on some dirty clothes rather than take 15 steps to the master bathroom.

Now that I am in an apartment the only place I have to lazily pee is on the laundry. I truly miss peeing on the deck.
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4 Responses Jan 5, 2013

Have you ever tried to discuss this laziness with your husband?

You should try going *in* your clothes sometime rather than just on them! It feels awesome!

Beautiful :)

You're making me thirsty ;-)