To Weak To Get Up

Ok this pass weekend i was sick like really really really sick i threw up 10 times in one night and the next day i was better but WEAK! It took me 5 mins to reach over for my glass of water that's how weak i was. so of course i just slept the day away and drank 2 grape juices and 1 cup of water  and passed out for 9 hours. When i woke i was on my stomach  which push my bladder uncomfortably and i was a little damp i didn't want to get up but i knew i had to cause my parents were home but i was soooo tired and weak i tried to get up instead just relaxed without noticing started wetting when i noticed how warm and wet my legs were feeling i sat up and swung my feet off the bed but that took so much out of me i couldnt move then so i just kept wetting watching the sheets under me turn dark and my sweat pant also darkening and feeling all the pee coming out just relaxing all the way hearing the drip as it went off the bed was great!!!after all i could do was lamely hid my sheets and pants under the bed.

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6 Responses Feb 22, 2010

you might have Mono

lol yea!

thank u! yea i was like dieing or something it was insane!!!!!!!

Man, I've never heard of such feeling of weakness at such a degree. Hope you're better very soon

lol thank you it was the best part about being sick!

Poor baby. I hope you're feeling better. At least you had a little fun while you were sick.