Why We Need to Go Outside From a Crowded Room.

Have you ever been in a room where there were just too many people & you just had to get outside for a minute? A former Shipmate had this explanation as to why this occurs.

Our brains are somewhat electronic & therefore can emit electronic particles, especially when there is perhaps an argument going on, etc.  These are called "trons"! Though not neccessarily only the negative trons will produce the need to get outside, even the overexposure of positive trons will suffice. When the room gets full of too many trons, one needs to get outside!

He would sometimes say; "too many trons in here man, I got to get outside!"

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I am going to remember this...boy, does is it explain a lot....SS

Is THAT why i cant stand a crowded room? hrmmm.... <br />
<br />
I liked the story.

hi my friend.. thanks for the story.. you should keep writing more.. i love to read.. take care... :)

sometimes its like that i know its been like that for me!