I Finally Signed Up For Dance Class

so for like ages, iv always loved dancing . mostly hidden away, coz for silly reasons . judgements . then just got out n loved jolling and club dancing . then . partner dancing .. what we call sokkie in south africa .. tsk . so i used to go to afrikaans dance clubs but would slink away from the dance floor when the sokkie music kicked in . or else a girld ask me to dance with her n i didnt know how n walked into her . lol .

so i finally got serious enough to go out there and do a sokkie dance lesson. from there, signed up for a month and have loved all of it . latin, ballroom, sokkie, line dance .. yor line dance for me seems difficult to remember the steps per direction .. (of course i understand the theory, im talking about reality of my situation) ..

my teacher even choreographed a contemporary dance for herself and i for exhibition ^_^ . so awsum ! ^_^ .. and i won 3rd . or something .. cant rember fully . anayz

its relly helped, though being a social place, not everyone is nice . as in, infact, there are some strangely mean people at a dance school .. strange . anywayz . learning and following through dance classes really helps with a lot of learning to be different, possibly more of who i want to be, and or am inside ^_^ :)

figuring out how i learn dance, as i find it difficult, is an other challenge .. dealing with myself and people. its really worth utilizing to broaden ones options of lifestyal ..if there is discomfort in following through with this as a decision, keep at it, because it'll open new internal visual / vision / maybe even clarity . paths .
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Jan 14, 2013