Hey, You Old Ho!

Back when we were in our 20's my best friend and I used to go out and paint the town together.  To us that meant going out dancing and having a few beers.  We were both single mothers so we didn't get to do this very often but when we did we would dress to the nines and flirt with every available guy in sight.  On one occasion I spent the whole night holding down our table while my friend danced her tail off with nearly every guy in the place.  The next day I called her and said 'Hey, you old Ho, whatcha doin'?'  It cracked her up and after that it became a running joke with us and every time one of us would call the other that is what we would say as soon as the receiver was picked up.  We'd always get a kick out of it.

Several years after I joined the Army (in my mid thirties) I was back in my home town visiting my family and called my friend to surprise her and say hello.  We hadn't talked in a very long time and when she answered the phone I sang out our usual old greeting.  But instead of hearing the laughter that I was expecting there was dead silence and then finally her MOTHER said in a flat, cold voice, "I believe that you want to talk to Karen."  

In a few minutes my friend got on the phone and I said, "Well, Karen, I just called you a w-hore to your mother.... BUT she KNEW WHO I WANTED! 

We still get a kick out of that story and that's still how we greet each other on the phone to this day.

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ditto, what colormevibrant said....

AAAAAAAaaaaaaa-hahahaha!! HAHA!! Hahahahaaa! I swear, I just about busted a GUT! You are one, badass chick! <br />
<br />
Laugh on, m'friend. And once in awhile, can I borrow your rose-colored specs so that I can see the world in living humor too????

That's really sweet! Moms need to have fun, too.

that's pretty funny