Nita Good Sense Of Humor!

When I was twenty-three my Aunt Juanita invited me to a party that she was having at her house.  She is one of those people whose parties you really don't want to miss that everybody talks about for days afterward ooohing and aaahing over the blast they had dancing and singing and cutting up.  People hate for them to end and it's not unusual for a few to stay until morning -- like me -- and when I woke up the next morning there was a small group of women sitting around the kitchen counter having coffee and discussing all of the goings on that happened at the party.  I joined them having coffee and listened in as they each had a story to tell about one particular usually mild mannered married gentleman who with the liquid courage he'd consumed got the nerve to proposition every single female in attendance.  I seriously don't think that he missed hitting on anyone.

So when I joined them Aunt Nita wanted to know if he'd also tried to get together with me in a smoochy-smoochy sort of way.  She slipped up when she asked though and said "Did George try to preposition you?"  And me being me and completely unable to resist a come back said, 'No.  But he sure wanted to noun me!"

I was feeling pretty good about that one and was patting my witty little self on the back when Aunt Nita fired back with, "But you were afraid that you'd miss a period and REALLY get  sentenced????

The whole hen party cackeled in delight!  And I bowed to the reigning queen of southern smart-mouth humor.  Aunt Nita -- YOU RULE!

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rofl ing, rofl ing....<br />

Thanks ya'll... yes, we still try to out-do each other. The competition is getting fierce with this new generation of smarties coming along too.

I love witty comebacks! Loved this one Karen :D