Pedernales Falls

Many years ago, I had a drummer boyfriend.  I actually had a few, but not at the same time.  We used to drive from Houston to Austin after a gig and camp at Pedernales Falls, about a half hour outside of Austin.  We always camped primitive ~ no water, no hookups, no open camp carried everything you needed in and you carried it all out when you left.  I got so used to heading out there at night, under the cover of darkness, that i could locate a bad-as camp-sight in the darkness...and set up camp. 

Kinda crazy, looking back on it ~ I mean, that was scorpion, wasp, fire ant and rattle snake territory ~ notto mention poison ivy and poison oak.  But, luckily, I never had an issues.  It was a three + mile hike in, depending on where you wanted to be.  We preferred to be away from it all, so we went as far as we could each time. 

Hiking at night can be dangerous and I don't recommend it, but it can also be very rewarding ~ like when the fireflies are out in full-swing or when there is a full moon. 

I've actually had lots of walks in the dark, in the city and in the country...which seems contradictory to my natures, seeing as I was petrified of the dark for most of my life.                 

hippieheart hippieheart
41-45, F
Feb 19, 2008