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Roger Rabbit For My Own Sake I Dont Like Middlers At All Ok So In My Mind I Have Been Convicted For Murder Atemt In First Degree Back 97 I Had Trial Against Me For Murder Atemt ?

let say we do it linea for once step a head at in any cases i dont regret mysellf any way for waht reason will i do this to get ridd of the sick person anyway who has been after my first comercial back 1976 for waht reason would i do that for my own sake ofcourse not so fellow so as at in any cases im fancy  roger rabbit wanted for murder at sofia törling tove gustafsson and daniel wikholm plus *** head hendrik törling u know waht i call cops children for ***** kids whis makes my kids more then  susspect form criminals as at in any cases i would have to as im wanted for murder they framed so i cahkend him back 97 ofurse it was trial  fancy roger rabbit wanted for murder atemt in frist degree i tought the judge looed in sane in frist trial and second trial for conclusion for a vicitim like her iknow idid /.com.4 in order to kill her as at in any cases of this im not afirad who framed med in case of love
MonicaW MonicaW 36-40, F Apr 19, 2012

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