Lenten Moon

The new Lenten Moon was a mere sliver of a grin as she continued her gentle decline towards the western horizon.    The wind had finally ceased, yet the deep cold hung on as my feet began to increase their pace across the pavement.  That rhythmic clacking of my boots striking the frozen asphalt was the only sound I could hear – no whiz of cars on a distant highway; no voices; no creaking of bare trees; not even the steady pant of my dog or the clatter of his toe nails hitting the ground.  I was all alone in silence, striding confidently down roads lit only by the brilliant stars twinkling between gnarled oak limbs with my hands stuffed deep in the pockets of my leather coat, and my own heart pumping blood to every extremity keeping me toasty warm despite the bitter chill of the night.  For a moment, it seemed as though I was nothing but a ghost gliding effortless and invisible, without worry or desire, and with total freedom to turn this way or that in the inky black February landscape.  

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Duchess,<br />
It is fascinating to consider how one might read this if they were in the process of learning English. I applaud you efforts and am honored to have written something that coaught your attention.

Thank you.<br />
It was a very uplifting moment.

I love this!