I Use To, Often!

Growing up with an abusive father and angry mother... I had often ran out into the night, just to escape it all. I would walk for hours, sometimes crying... always feeling lost and trying to clear my mind.

I had social anxiety then too... but at night, where I live, there were no crowds on the streets. There were only a few men and women, often stumbling, as they were drunk and heading home from a bar. Or sometimes high on some drug. I would just simply cross the street and avoid them.

The traffic is next to nothing at this time. Maybe one or two passing motorists, heading home late. And it was silent... always so quiet. And I would just wonder around, until I got tired and head home, around 3am.

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2 Responses Mar 3, 2009

... yaa when we walk alone in such conditions it always help to feel little relax... it also provide a chance to talk to ourself too...

I used to sneak out quietly at two in the morning and wander around.. there was nobody out on the streets then.. I suppose it was better than lying awake.. but it wasn't insomnia that drove me to do it either. :(