Acid In The Junggle!

So I am on a summer trip in Brazil with a girl I know from here. she introduced me to her friends and so we decided to take acid in a junggle. it was a crazy experience I saw a lot of monkeys at first on the trees and animals like dogs, birds, horses, and cows. later the acid hit me harder and I saw a lion it was chasing a zebra and completely tore it up I kept my cool because I started thinking it was probably not possible to see lions here. Anyways later on it started to get dark and I saw the trees moving there branches around and in my head I understood that the trees were talking to eachother but it wasnt like humans it was a wired noise. It turned out that the cows I saw there were real beacuse we found a **** load of mushrooms growing so we grabed as many as we could and left.
Andres8D Andres8D
18-21, M
Jul 19, 2010