36 Wellbutrin.

Thought that would do the trick, but i was sadly mistaken. Death didn't come from that, but three days in the hospital and a week in a psych ward did. I guess i had it coming..i mean who wouldn't put a teenager like me in a mental hospital? I had been cutting for a year and my overbearing depression and anxiety were definitely getting the best of me. I was impulsive, just guzzled down those little white pills hoping something good would finally come from it. But, i was wrong. And looking back, i'm glad i was. It's been 9 months since my overdose, and i'm doing much better than i ever thought i would. I haven't cut in 5 months (which is pretty unbelieveable for how much i used to) and suicide is barely ever on my mind these days. I know there's a reason why my OD didn't work..it's because i'm mean't to be alive and i'm glad i am.
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I am very happy to hear that and glad you made it through. Did they put you on a more effective medicine to help with the suicidal thoughts? I hope so and hope you continue to improve every day.

Thank you :) yes, my doctor got me on prozac and limictial and i'm doing great!