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Stuck In A Dress

My wife and i were living in southern Illinois. I was 21. I had family down there. My cousin at the time had a wife that wore beautiful clothes. I had tryed to get a chance to wear her clothes before, but no luck. I had to work on my car and needed a hard flat surface to use jack stands.He had a garage. I thought he would be helping if i needed help. I got there and he told me he and his wife had to leave for the day.He asked if i could do the job by my self. Yea i said. He said the house would be open and help myself. Then instantly i thought, my big chance.I watched as they drove off and after acouple of minutes, i went in. On my way in i was stripping my clothes off. I threw them in the bathroom and headed to their bedroom. I found what i needed after going thru acouple of drawers.Black lacy bra and matching panties.I put on black pantyhose.I tried different out-fits.Mostly skirts and tops.I found a short black, sleeveless turtle-neck dress. The dress had a zipper in the back .I had never wore a dress that zipped up the back.I tried it on and it seemed to fit.I couldn't get it zipped ,but i knew i had to keep trying.I thought if i put a string in the zipper i could zip it. I took off the dress and used some thread. It worked perfect.It was alittle tight but not bad. My hair was shoulder length with bangs.I normally parted it on the side with the bangs combed to the side and mostly wore a ballcap.I combed it out with my bangs over my forehead.Some blush and lip stick was all i put on. Then  the shoes. I knew we wore the same size , i saw the size on a box before.She had so many shoes and boots. I put on apair of black ankle-strap with 4inch heels.After few minutes of enjoyment,I started to undress.I grabbed the string to pull the zipper down. The thread must 've had one side longer than the other and off the zipper it came.I managed to get the zipper down acouple of inches. I freaked, i couldn't un-zip it the rest of the way.I tried and tried.I was sweating and shaking.I tried getting the thread back in.I sat down and started thinking. I only needed acouple of inches to reach the zipper.I thought of pliers.The garage was attached to the house, so out i went. The pliers worked.Everything back in place and off to work on my car. While working , i kept thinking of those shoes.
cindyloulove cindyloulove 56-60, M 6 Responses Apr 22, 2011

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I hate it wen they get stuk

nice story, i would have left a wet spot im sure

I bet the adrenaline was pumping!

I love dresses and wish I could get stuck in them all the time. Keep up the good work....Tammi

sounds like me i now wear dresses most days and love it please add me as riends

Scary but I bet it was fun!!

Yea,scary but fun