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In Her Clothes,husband Next Door

I think i was 19 yrs old. A friend asked me to do some electrical work in his house. He worked next door to his house. His wife would be at work. I said i'd be there at 11:00, he got off for lunch at noon.Now he said he would be home at noon, no sooner.She had usual mini-skirts and go-go boots. Her favorite out-fit was black leather mini-skirt, black tank top, black pantyhose and white go-go boots.I was dying to wear that out-fit.I got there 20minutes early, to play.I parked where he couldn't see my car.Raced up-stairs and started stripping.She was tall and skinny.I knew her clothes wouldn't fit.What the hell,i could still have fun.I found the draws with what i needed.Her bras were to little.I found red lacy panties, snug fit.Black pantyhose were next.I went to the closet looking for those boots.I wore a size 10 in womens shoes. I found the boots and couldn't believe my luck,size 11. I put them on zipped them up.   Looking thru her clothes hanging up i spotted a black,tank top mini-dress. It was stretchy.It was still a tight fit.After afew minutes of walking around ,i knew i had better change.As usual i hated to change.I got changed and started working.It was afew minutes later, around11:45 and i heard someone coming in the house. He told me he was taking out the trash when he ran over to tell me he'd be late. A year later they were living at a motel . They were having problems and decided to split-up.He asked me to help him move to his dads. She had already moved out. He wanted his stuff and anything of hers was going in the garbage.Anytime his back was turned or he went out to load the truck, i managed to stuff panties or pantyhose in my pants or a clean bag for garbage. We were almost done loading his stuff and cleaning the rooms. I grabbed acouple of bags and said i'd get the garbage out of the bathroom. I told him give me acouple of minutes, i had to use the can.I got in there ,******** and put on 4pairs of pantyhose and 5 or 6 pairs of panties.  I had to let her shoes go in the garbage.What really hurt was i only found 1 of the white go-go boots i had woren before. Him and i did alot of drinking in those days before he left the town.1974 was the last time i saw him.Around 1994,him and another wife was at my moms when i pulled into her driveway.We were dropping off our kids for mom to watch.I didn't reconize him at first.When i got out of my car i thought he was going to drop.His eyes were as big as they could get.I was wearing hot pink spandex ,below the knee leggings with pink slouch socks and white and pink high-top gym shoes.I had on a white and pink tank-top.No make-up or ****.Nails painted,earrings and rings on most of my fingers.He never said a word.We went to the flea-markets and to lunch.He lelt for home acouple hours later and haven't heard from him since.
cindyloulove cindyloulove 56-60, M 2 Responses May 4, 2011

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that is so much like the stories that the rest of us gurls have, growing into the women we want so much to be. Thanks for sharing dear!

I still love the fashions from the 6o's and 70's.I still have apair of tan corduroy bell bottoms and big bell-bottoms from the 70's.Mary-Janes,white anklets or white tights and short skirts are still my favorite. like we wore in the 60's.