You Are A Geek

You definitely have some nerdy ways, but you've evolved into something way cooler - a geek.
You are free spirited and quirky. You're proud of who you are, and you've got style.

You may not fit in completely, but you don't have any problems socializing.
You're witty, smart, and very knowledgable. You believe that everyone should embrace their inner geek!

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3 Responses Aug 4, 2010

yeah. Silvertree has a brilliant mind too.

Ha!! ha!! same result my friend!! :-) <br />
<br />
I like the definition our friend silvertree gave for a "geek" score, thenk you silvertree!!!!

I don't know much about plumbing. I haven't invent anything. I'm bit of a book worm but now I have a little one. I should spend more time with her.