Gay According To This

Your Result: Gay

 Your result inticates a strong chance that you are gay. Either you already know this or you suspect it. Hopefully you are either accepting of this or working on doing so. Be proud of who you are!

Ok, I do like men too!!!!



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2 Responses Oct 12, 2011

I hate labels! I think that, unless you are committed to one partner, one should be able to experiment, or even love, who they want. I also hate that people today have to be labeled as to their sexuality. Then again, I think that sex does not need to be flaunted in public and it is a private matter between consenting adults,

*chuckles* And you are married to one as well, go figure that one eh ;-)

Very true, that does happen quite a bit. :) At the same time I got the same result as you and I am as straight as they get. LOL I think this test is rigged. LOL

LMAO ah so you are the one to blame. ;-)

Yea I answered yes to playing with toys geared to the opposite sex as well. Plus the gender identity stereo type question I think got me as well. I rarely ever played with barbies.....the guys toys were way cooler to me.