My Result: Bisexual

Your result indicates that you are most likely bisexual, capable of attraction to either sex. Maybe you already know this, or maybe you have not yet admitted it to yourself. Either way, acceptance will give you peace of mind. Be proud of who you are.

Umm, I am kinda afraid to be Bisexual, my family will hate me if they knew this but I am also afraid to try it with another guy. I guess I have to find out one day. Also my family is religious and against that whole gay and bisexual thing
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Your family might not accept you as bisexual or gay, probably not. I believe you should do what you want to do, as long as you don't go against your own values. There's no good reason for you or anyone to tell their family every thing about their private self. You don't know everything there is to know about your parents, and they don't know everything about you.<br />
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I hope you can find a way to have an independent life apart from your family, when you're old enough, without any drama or bad feelings. Even though when we're younger and turn 18 and move out of the family house we want nothing to do with them, believe me, later many of us find that we understand them much better and want to have a good relationship with our family. <br />
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Good luck, I hope things work out for you!

I think that you should be who you are and act like you are. Don't let this test/quiz determine who you are. If you really think you are leaning towards bisexual, then don't be afraid. If you think that you are straight but just sometimes think bisexually, that's normal. Don't be afraid of being who you are. I'm confused about who I really am sometimes and wonder if I could be leaning towards bisexual. But I've decided that whatever way I am, it's fine. I know it can be scary to think that you might be bisexual because I've been sort of afraid too. My family is also religious and would not support me if I did take that route. But I don't let it seriously bother me, and I don't think you should either.

Thank you, my Jehovah witnesses, I don't really like the religion. I'm curious to try it with another guy.

If they are yr family they will understand u. My family understands me

They will not understand, they are religious

Jus because they r religious does nit mean they can support you or feel like they failed. Every1 has their own personality they can't expect every one to be the same. My parents have a religion but they are very ok with it. There is nothing wrong like yr promoting it or goingbto rape some1 it's jus u like a person of the same gender that's all. So there is no he'll there. Thats how me parents see it. They r cool wit it