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Holy Crap, Not What I Was Expecting!

i am 6.86 out of 10 gay?? but it never asked me if i like ****!! i stick by my bi assessment lol, but it's TITillating to think of myself as gay from time to time!
foldedunfolding foldedunfolding 31-35, F 3 Responses Jun 1, 2012

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Mine came back as bi, but my ex called me gay.

mighty suspicious formula if you both got the same thing...<br />
and about the **** thing... Do you always shout that word, or just when you're trying to reassert your hetero side?

lol if you notice, i also shouted ***. and i'm not sure why a bi person has to RE-assert their hetero side...i have already asserted both of them. as for the suspicious formula, i think that test was pretty inaccurate.

Well I thought you were shouting **** to reassert the hetero side because the 'gay' side was taking over 68% of your libido... **** can be so nice and soft, who wouldn't prefer them to nasty ol' nuggets and knobs.

hahahaha i kinda tend to agree with you there, sir! but a penis is verrrry fucktional!!

I also got a 6.86 of 10.Guess I am really leaning to the gay life and am startimng to like it---love to read about guys having gay encounters and want some of my own!!