I Are Goodest At Grammar

Amn't I?


mizzen123 mizzen123
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5 Responses Apr 14, 2010

hehe, yes, and looking at my latest typo, it's certainly less stressful for me to eat it rather than type it!

You are correct! I think I'll just stick to eating it, less stressful.

No words like palavar, well what a palavar!<br />
<br />
Actually, yogurt in Britain is slightly confusing, the spelling I mean, not the yougurt......anyway, it's got two alternative spellings. It can still be spelt with an 'h' as in yoghurt, but is uually spely yogurt! The English language has so many vagaries!

Mizz I passed this test too, being English however and living in the USA I often have to think about spelling, I try to spell the USA way (when in Rome) but often in the heat of typing my childhood spelling lessons rule!<br />
Cheque or Check<br />
Colour or Color<br />
Yogourt or Yogurt<br />
to name just a couple! <br />
And of course there are no such words as Palavar or Malarky here!

You thank me, sweet! Something like that anyway! x