Your Personality Is 25% Addictive

You don't have an addictive personality - at least, not usually.
You can indulge in vices freely, and there's little chance that you'll get hooked.
jbfriendonli jbfriendonli
31-35, M
1 Response Jan 21, 2013

i always knew this fact: engineers become more technicians less emotional! Considering that addiction a sort of emotional suspense towards a certain substance or manner, its obvious that for you to become even obsessed by anything, it takes you eternity (;

hey folks....this is not abt engineers vs non-engineers. its abt me, who is by chance an engineer as well :)

Engineers don't become technicians, instead they get a chance to apply logical reasoning to whatever they come across in their surroundings. They are better at understanding emotions since they think with logic...

you know that i am not lessening of engineers wholesomeness! I always craved to be a one! What i went through is exactly what you said of measuring things by logic and a strong cognition to adapt :) so less passionate!! That is not a bad sign, and you know me well to be like this big time :)))