Ahh Mushrooms..... Best Experience Ive Ever Had!

Ive tripped many times on shrooms before.. Ive had my share of good and bad trips. But this experience was different..
 My best friend had given me a bag of mushrooms (about 5 or 6 grams) they looked different from the ones I was used to taking.. These were kind of big, and dark in color. Honestly, they looked kinda scary.. but hey, free shrooms.
So my boyfrriend and I had just moved into his friends apartement. And we decided to shroom. We took about 2.5 to 3 grams each and downed them with OJ.
For the first hour or so after I took it we were playing Halo, suddenly I start feeling my stomach tense up alot more than normal and I knew this trip was going to be insane. I had to turn off the game and just sit in the couch for a few minutes while the trip sunk in. I slowly start to realize that the room is starting to feel like it was rotating.. I had to go outside.  I sit down in this little balcony/patio (about 5x5) we had in the front (we lived upstairs its hard to explain) it was a small area and there was a little fence around it so you could only really look up at the sky.
So there I was at about 7:30 pm sitting outside looking at all of the clouds and the sun, for some reason I could stare right into the sun for a few seconds without it hurting my eyes, but I knew not to focus too long.. The clouds were moving so gracefully and they suddenly started to look like a giant painting. And by painting I mean it looked like a 3 dimensional oil painting, very vivid, its was as if I could see the strokes of the brush.. and the colors....  Sunsets are beautiful but on shrooms... oh man. I stared up at the sky until it was too dark to see anything.. by the time I snapped out of my sky trip I realized that the whole time my boyfriend was sitting right next to me doing the exact same thing I was. And our roomate (sober) was sitting outside with us packing a bowl in his bong with the apartment door open listening to mr. bungle. (crazy) At around this time I started peaking. The weed helped me relax but the trip was as hard as ever. I guess since I still had the image of the painted sky in my mind I started focusing on the brick wall our apartment had. The bricks were alot bigger than normal and they looked flat.. there was no texture to them they looked painted on. As we talked for a while laughing for any little thing we started focusing on the sounds around us. There was an icecream truck around.. yes...at this time.! And it was playing the little tunes they play.. i was tripping out, never had i seen an icecream truck at night.. kinda creepy.. so the music starts getting louder and louder and louder. before I realize it, it sounds like it is in my ear!!!! It was so loud I had to get up from my seat and see where the icecream truck was.. I look over the little fence and I see that the freakin icecream truck is parked right next to our apartment.. after a few minutes of being creeped out the icecream truck starts blasting christmas music.. NO I AM NOT KIDDING!! and i know i was not hallucinating that much. But it was very surreal concidering it was like october and at night.. I decided I had enough and I wanted to go back inside.. My trip was already coming down although I could still see tracers in just about everything.. 
I found out later that the guy downstairs from us owned the icecream truck. Although I still dont know what was up with the xmas music.

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ok. to themagicisgone and everyone who reads his response. Mushrooms are not dangerous. Just from what u described i can tgell u that u did them wrong. You broke the number one rule my friend. You did shrooms in an uncontrolled environment. Why the hell would u do mushrooms around people that are drunk? And listening to music u dont like will just freak you out. the only dangerous part about mushrooms is identification. Next time, try doing mushrooms the right way. Find a chill spot, have nothing on your mind as far as responsiblities. Be around people that are also tripping and that you are close too, or alone. I like tripping alone. Hope this helps

i did shrooms. it was the worst experience ever. they took forever to kick in so i got antsy and ate two space cakes. i then waited about half and hour and still nothing. at this point i smoked an enitre joint by myself! within 15mins i started on the worst trip of my life. i got completely freaked out. i couldnt breathe. it felt like like my heart was going to burst because it was beating so fast. i was around drunk friends who tried to help me calm down but they were too drunk to really bother. the music was playing at it drove me insane. i thought i was dead like in inception. i had to keep telling myself this is just a trip. but the paranoia got the better of me. the love of my life was against me doing shrooms and was not with me at the time. needless to say when i was on my freak trip i called them. i nearly lost them. not because they were not supportive and understanding. no! i nearly lost them because my paranoia was making me insane. 12hours later i finally started to feel slightly better after eating some greasy food. please stay away from shrooms. they are so dangerous!