I've taken shrooms about...I think five times. Every time I took them, it was a totally different experience. However, the feeling of oneness I recieved every time I have done it.

I get a strange understanding of everything when I am on shrooms I wish I could carry with me when I am not. I feel it is an awesome experience I wish I could share with everyone.

It is a pity society puts such a negative outlook on shrooms, because really I feel it is a way to kickstart our evolution. In the words of Bill Hicks, "Evolution did not stop when we grew thumbs."

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Shrooms could change the world if everyone took them at the same time. Wars wouldn't exist any more. Someone would think of a cure for world hunger and aids. I seriously think if everyone tripped at once magic would become real

20? That's insane. o_O

Definitely research them and read other people's stories. It'll help you. If you want some advice for shrooms, make some tea and throw them in it or cook them on pizza. This'll reduce your chance of nausea and hide the nasty taste. I really like the pizza. ;)<br />
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I think huffing actually cuts off oxygen from the brain. I would reccommend shrooms over huffing any day.

Huffing is way more dangerous than eating shrooms, though. I have never heard a story of anyone dying by tripping out on some mushrooms.

Is it more of the hallucinations or the crazy **** you think about that would do that? I think taking things like that is like running around in your mind opening a bunch of doors that have never been touched before. Some people can't handle things like that.

Wow, have to be able to handle yourself and your own thoughts before you can take something such as shrooms. They seem to bring people inside themselves and beyond as from what I've seen and experienced. <br />
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Also, as Jangus said, you have to remember it's just a trip. Just go with the flow and you'll be fine.

Anotherhuman, are you saying that your ex was schizo before the mushrooms, or after?

I ate maybe 12 of them? Heads included. That may sound bad. But I'm not quite sure of their quality. I don't know much about shrooms. I think if I had taken two or so I would have tripped just fine. Once again, moderation eludes me! Or did.

Shrooms were horrible for me. I may have taken too many, and maybe it was the combination of them plus alcohol and other drugs. <br />
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It's funny. I hadn't heard a word about mushrooms in so long, and this kid from work offered them to me a few days ago. I was too pus sy and declined. I am completely hitting myself over the head for that.