First Time

It was a quiet evening. Mother was picking up my uncle from the airport and wasn't going to be back until late. I ate half an eighth, then me and my two buddies (sober) began playing some Halo. Since I was playing video games, I kinda forgot I had taken the mushrooms. Suddenly I found myself laughing hysterically and referring to myself in the third person as "The Colonel". I kept saying **** like "The Colonel just ****** you up!" whenever I killed someone. I didn't even notice until my two buddies asked what the **** I was talking about. We kept playing Halo until my buddies had to go home. I walked one of them home. It was nighttime. I kept seeing what looked like a wolf down by my side. It was a friendly wolf, like a guardian. But I could only see it in my peripheral vision, whenever I glanced at it directly it disappeared. I also mistook a mailbox for the same wolf. After dropping my friend off, and walking the couple blocks back home, I decided to write about my experience (this writing can be found as another experience story). After this, and still tripping pretty hard, I popped in Alice in Wonderland. About halfway through the movie my mom came home. She wanted me to come upstairs and say hi to my uncle. Yikes! As I talked to my uncle, the wallpaper was moving and shifting behind him. My pupils were huge and I kept giggling at nothing. Somehow my mom didn't notice I was acting exactly like someone on drugs...
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1 Response Oct 8, 2006

I know 2 guys in my town that ate shrooms and saw each other as warewolves! The first one ran into the house and locked the door. The second was screaming " Let me in there are warewolves out here!" The one in the house was screaming, " No way man, YOU ARE A WAREWOLF!!" What a bunch a dorks!