First Time- Journal Entry

Here is the journal entry I wrote while on mushrooms. I left in all spelling and grammatical mistakes. I also show words I scribbled out by using strike through. I added clarifications using [ and ]. I also attempt to recreate a small drawing using text.


I promised myself I would write. This way I can find use/take anything I want fror for whatever reason I want. Maybe I can learn somthing from the experience. I feel waves of power run through my body & ming mind. It is only on intervals and does not remain constant. As is oubvious by now, my motor skills, such as ability to write, are totally ****** up. I will try my best. I do not see actual beings, it is more on a lower level. Small differences. I feel I can control it with my mind. There are stars, or fixations of light. They form a pattern when I look at the sand dune [desktop wallpaper], it seems to reflect an image out at me. It is not like the sand dune pic. It is more like an ancient well. There are stones around the well. Each stone has a symbol on it. It fills my vision. I feel reverberations (((●)), or vibrations from the image. I am no longer concerned about my state of mind. I feel it is somthing that will benefit my life. enough. I am off to look at trippy ****. Goodbye.


ps. there is millions of stones around the well. I have no Idea where the well leads, that is not important. [signature]

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1 Response Oct 8, 2006

uhm ur a loser i was hoping for some like story that was funny and would wanna make me try shrroms more then i already do -___________- BOO UU <br />
That waas, like so pooy.<br />
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shnehboob.<br />
- the coolest.<br />