I Took My Wedding Ring Off Today...

Last night I called my husband to ask if had made up his mind if he wanted to work on things or not.  He said no.  No talking.  No communication. No counseling.  Just no.  This from the man who promised me 51 years at least!  I am so sad because I truly loved this man (love) but for some reason he has decided that he needs a boat and no family commitments.  I feel like eating a whole gallon of mint chocolate chip ice cream but that would only hurt me and make me fat.  I want to hurt him by showing him what he's lost!  Is that wrong?  My finger looks naked and I need to replace it with something.  I'm so embarrassed by this failure that I don't want anyone to know and I've been avoiding everyone including my family.  I need to go back to work to stay busy (I'm a teacher) but I have over a month left of vacation.  If I had the funds I'd go somewhere.  As it is, I've started a savings campaign so that I can take my child and move somewhere far away.  Does anyone else ever feel like this?
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I too took that ring off and it has been liberating. I also had a husband that would not do counciling or anything I suggested and the issues remained in our relationship. My finger is not bare anymore but I see it as a good thing. If it is meant to be you will see that too. Give yourself some time to take a really good look around. Now is your chance to do something good for you. It is not a failure or embarassment if you did all you can. It is hard and it is one day at a time, but enjoy your child and give yourself a break. Being a mother is hard work , I have three and they keep me strong. What you will also learn it happens to alot of people and it can really break you. Be open with your friends and family so you can move forward with support. And if you want that ice-cream have it, you just don't need to eat the tub. I moved forward with me as number 1 which I had forgotten how to do. Good Luck and stry strong.

Thank you...I pray the same for you!

You are not alone.<br />
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My wife throws her rings at when we fight... The number of times I've had to go fish the rings out of some random pile of bark dust or run out in front of traffic to save them..<br />
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I've never taken mine off for any negative reason.. I take it off to clean my finger, or if I'm doing some ceramics on the wheel because a ring + clay + wheel = giant gouges cut off of the art.. However she has called the quits many times. We are still together but I fear greatly that someday I'll be in your shoes.<br />
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I worry about it frequently. I'm very sorry for you because you are in the shoes I'm afraid of being in.<br />
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I pray that you find some peace and guidance :)