A Few Trips Over The Years

The first couple of times I brought my wife to a ***** club I was so focused on getting her lap dances and watching her interact with the strippers I didn't notice the attention she got from the other guys there. This was before we started swinging, so I was just happy seeing her with all those **** in her face and *** in her lap. She definitely enjoyed the attention and all, but she always would say that she got into it because she liked that I was watching and getting off on it. Then we'd go home where she'd do her ***** tease for me and we'd have marathon sex.

After we started swinging we didn't go to the ***** club for a while - a couple of years at least. It was more exciting to actually be having sex with other people that we didn't think of it for a while. When it came up again, we did it almost as a trip down memory lane. My wife was a little less inhibited as well, having progressed a lot further in our sex lives. After we watched a few dancers onstage we headed to the sunken area below the stairs to the upper stage where they have couches for lap dances, and after paying for a lap dance and flashing some of the dancers and any of the patrons who were in eyesight of the couches, she paid to give a lapdance to one of the dancers, and that was incredible. I looked around and noticed that half the guys in there were drooling over my wife playing under the stairs with the dancers.

It wasn't until then that it dawned on me how many guys there were that left ***** clubs as horny as hell and that my wife could pretty much have her pick if she wanted to. By that point we had progressed beyond hooking up with acquaintences or people we chatted with online and started having her pick up new guys in clubs and bars, except this was even easier! The only thing we figured out pretty quickly is that you have to be discrete - the club only cares if they think you're taking money away from them so we learned not to try and get the guys to leave with us, and just started casually meeting up with them as they left. She'd keep an eye on a guy or two that she liked and point them out to me and then when one of us would see one of them get ready to leave, we'd head out the door, smoke a cigarette by the exit and chat him up when he left. We also learned not to go back to the same ***** club very regularly or things got a little too familiar. Other than that and some common sense, it was like shooting fish in a barrel, really.

I would say that about 3 out of every 4 guys we talked to that way ended up at least taking a ******* in the back seat of the car and usually more if he played his cards right. And if you're a guy who's been to a ***** club, you know that you don't usually go alone, so it turned out to be a good way for her to end up with a mmf *********. The biggest surprise was that she even had guys that would start negotiating money with her or just hand her whatever was left of their wad of ***** club cash after they came - I guess coming straight from the ***** club it seemed natural for them to offer girls money for sexual acts. And just to be clear, she never asked for cash, but then again she always took it with a smile when it was offered. And I have to say, it was the ones who offered her the least that was surprisingly the biggest turn-on. To know that my wife - who has been offered very good money and extravagant gifts for sex before - made 22 sweaty dollar bills getting ****** bareback in the backseat of my car while his friend watched from the front seat is one of those thoughts that never fails to make me hard.
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enjoyed the story and advice. when we hit the ***** club there is always some guy looking at her. sooner or later she ends up chatting with someone but flirting is all she's done so far. add me to your circle for friends in common.

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That is one place that my wife and I did not pick up partners.


dangerous yet at the same time very hot. always wanted to take my wife to a ***** club.

Hubby took me to a ***** club awhile ago. At first I was a little nervous, but turned on. He asked me to tell him which one that I thought was hot. I was wet just watching him get a lap dance from the one I chose. Then he had her give me a lap dance. I melted into my seat. She was the first almost naked women that I had physical contact with. I came and came as she brushed her breasts across my face, and ground her ***** into my leg.

Bravo, Ryder! Your wife sounds like a hot *****. I've never thought of taking advantage of horny guys leaving the ***** club, but I may have to investigate....<br />
<br />
Love that she took their sweaty wads of cash with no protest. I've seen her pics on your profile, and I know she's hot enough to make real money - like in the hundreds - as an escort, but I know why she took it. Because taking what amounts to an insultingly cheap tip for a great **** in the back seat of a car made her feel even more dirty. That's hot.

Damn, I wish I was in that club. There is nothing as frustrating as walking out of the club at 2am with a stiff one and not being able to get someone to help you out. Usually I suffer from a rare disease know as MSB... massive sp3rm build-up. As of yet there is no cure, but there is a treatment...