Swingers Club

I took my wife to a local swingers club in Dallas Texas on 9-5-2010 they were having a special bring 5 dollars worth of can goods for a local food bank and get in free usually it is 70 dollars a  couple It was a full crowd of 450 people the ages are from 21 the minimum age to around 60 years old First you walk over to the bar and they mark your bottle with a number.All of the mixers are free the dance floor is in front of the bar and they have laser lights and great dance music.The sexy ladies were these super short micro dresses that cling to their hot little *****.Between midnight and 1 am most of the women start to ***** completely nude and dance that way the rest of the night the club closes at 4 am At 1 end of the dance floor they have a ******** pole that women try to 1 up each other and show off their hotest moves.Most of the ladies become meat in between the sandwich.The their is the hot tub room with 2 hot tubs to get bjs in and have sex their is a king size bed in front of the 2 hot tubs with large bed post that you can tie up your wife are other lady and **** her while every one watches,sometimes big orgies happen on the bed.We hopped in 1 hot tub first an the 2 other couples joined us for some oral,fingering,sucking,and some *******.After that we got out of the hot tub and walked to the shower which is past the dance floor and bar and all took a shower together.The we went to the bordello room that has see through red curtains around the bed.Their are 12 beds all full except 1 of them.We got in that bed and 1 other couple asked if we would share the bed and we said sure and the hopped in to.Theiw was a guy walking in by him self and the other couple called him over and asked if he would **** his wife and he said sure.The husband starts to tell him all different positions that he wanted to see him **** her in.My wife goes for the cowgirl position and the other lady copies us the springs on the bed are made almost like a trampoline and my wife starts to all the way to the top of my **** and then back down on it.The other lady starts to moan and then my wife starts    to moan too.They are trying to 1 up each other now it sounds like a **** movie going on.The other guy finishes inside her *****,and the guy just gets up and leaves.The husband then starts to **** his wife while i am still ******* my wife.I finished and shot my load into my wife them mw wife starts to suck up every little drop that I had left.Then the other guy finishes and his wife says your not finished you have to suck up your and the other guys ***** and I do not want anything left dripping out of me and he starts to lick her the ***** out of her ***** I had never seen a guy do that in real life my wife started to laugh because she thought that was hot,i told her I would never do that.We then got dressed and went to a vouyer room to watch the orgies that take place.This one guy stood up beside the bed and started to **** this girl,she put her legs around his neck and he ****** her like a jack hammer my wife loved watching them.she told the guythat she wanted to be next but his girlfriend that she was ******* said that he was all hers.then we started to dance,my wife got down to her g string and topless and we danced the night away.
If you like the story tell me. the next theme night is Halloween which is the biggest party of the year and we will be their for sure if you want me to I will tell you about that one usually my wife sister goes with us and we watch each other have sex a little weird but very horny fun.you only live one so you might as live live like each day will be your last.
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So sexy

Was this the 13th floor?

Yes it was and now the city of Dallas closed them down last friday night so no Halloween party this year


I live in Fort Worth and would love to know of a club I can bring the wife to and see what happens. We are interested in the swing life style or should I say I am and trying to get her interested and if I take her to a club and a hot young guy takes interest in her I think she will be all in.

I'll just have to be satisfied to read about it. It's a lot HOT for us. We are trying to work up to a nude beach or resort this summer. I need a smoke after that read.

Yes they are still open every friday and saturday night

Looking forward to hearing about Halloween. Hoping to check it out soon.

kind of sounds like fun a little bit, doesn't it. wild and crazy. my husband wants to take me - i guess we should do it

go to the13thfloordallas.com they have partys every friday and saturday 70dollars couple 20 dollars single females.They have hot tubs and beds and its byob with free set ups and a buffet dinner 8:30 pm-4 am

Mt wife lets me grind her sister while we dance or she lets me watch her sister bang different guys and I watch or I can make out with her sister but no sex at all with me