Just Once So Far

I had found this place by doing some internet research on nasca.com. It was located in a small city about three hours from our home. They made it sound like an upscale place, so of course we wanted to see for ourselves. I spoke with the guy in charge over the phone and he welcomed us to visit, then he gave me directions.

When we arrived, I was a little leery since the location was in a somewhat seedy part of town. But I didn't want to miss out on an opportunity, so we chose to take a chance. We were greeted by the owner and briefly shown around. There weren't a lot of other couples there, maybe ten or twelve. They were mostly sitting together, leaving us to feel a little on the outside of their click. We did meet a single man who was there playing pool. He invited us to play with him, so this left us feeling less uncomfortable. The overall atmosphere was like we were in a private bar, which we really were. After playing pool for a while, my wife was flirting with this guy and he invited us to go to one of the private rooms with him. She quickly agreed and we followed him back. They began kissing for a while until he started removing her dress. He laid her down on the bed and began eating and fingering her *****. I was really enjoying watching them go at it and was rubbing my ****, which was hard by now. After she had an intense ******, I was expecting the scene to progress, but the guy must have not felt the same. I still can't believe he never took his **** out for a blow job or ****, but we left and went back to the pool table area.

We didn't stay long, the atmosphere just didn't feel comfortable. After leaving we decided to go to a popular country bar where we spent a few hours drinking and dancing before ending the night uneventfully.

There may come another time to try another swing club, but my research will be a lot more extensive before we do.
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We visited one in England.<br />
We felt out of place.The scenes were incredible.But too intense for us.<br />
My wife let a guy get her **** out and suck and play, and soon there were there playing with them.<br />
We did not feel comfortable and did not return.

Thanks for the reply and feedback, very good sounding advice.<br />
<br />
Actually there is another club that we have considered trying and they do a meet and greet the night before the party. That didn't sound like a lot of fun to me, but now that you've given me your reply it sounds better.