First Time Swing Party

Rox got her chance to get close to her first **** other than mine at a swing party house near our home in L.A. a number of years ago.  There was a co-ed "bath house" that advertised in our local paper.  When I showed the ad to Rox, a swing club virgin, she was fascinated.  Up until then our exibitionistic fun had been limited to one or two lucky viewers who happened to be in the right place at the right time and always in what would generally be considered a non-sexual setting, for instance a parking lot or an out of the way place in the woods or on the nude beach.

     This club that advertised for fun-loving couples, single ladies, and single men offered us a chance to experience the thrill of sexual activity in a place where people had gathered for that express purpose.  Of course I assumed that the permitting of single men would mean that there would be an overabundance of them, and I was curious as to how Rox would react to a crowd of sexually aroused males.  Being a true voyeur I am turned on more by watching Rox get off than in screwing other women, anyway, so with great curiosity we readied ourselves for a Saturday night adventure.

     Rox was admittedly a bit wary of going into a place like that, wondering what kind of people would be in there and if her limits would be respected.  She agreed to go on the condition that we merely observe at first and only fool around if we both felt comfortable.  She also expressed the wish to refrain from physical contact with the other patrons.  I, of course, readily agreed.

     The place was as seedy as I imagined it would be, and I was afraid that Rox would be dissuaded from entering.  Her curiosity was piqued, however, and she nodded affirmatively when I asked her one last time if she still wanted to go inside.

     As dark and dingy inside as out, we paid our club "dues" and were given a couple of locker keys.  Immediately upon our passing through the doorway into the first chamber, the heads of the many males present began to turn.  Rox was checked out if not outright scrutinized by at least eight to ten men, some of whom were fully dressed, but most of whom wore only a towel around their waists.  They eyed her provocative attire, consisting of a super short mini skirt over lace pantyhose with a sheer, low-cut blouse.  

     Rox shyly hid behind me as we slowly made our way across the room and into another narrow corridor, being trailed by several of the men.  I expected Rox at any minute to tell me she felt uncomfortable, as the feeling some of these men projected was truly predatory, but instead she just clung tightly to my arm and followed me further into the labyrinth of tiny rooms and connecting hallways.  It was soon plain to see that there were no absolutely intimate spaces in which to privately ease ourselves into a sexual mode.  When we found ourselves back in the first or second room again, having made the full circuit we stopped there and sat down on a mattress in the corner.

     Our trek had served the dual purpose of alerting all the men that there was a good-looking woman on the premises and pointing out to us that indeed Rox was the only woman there.  Several of our entourage plopped themselves down almost on top of us with an almost desperate aggressiveness.

I told them in loud distinctive terms that this was certainly not the beginning of a free-for-all, and they jumped up apologetically and remained a good distance away.  Still Rox did not ask to leave.

     I thought that for Rox's benefit I would proceed slowly, and as I warmly embraced her I kissed her gently.  Rox's response, however, was anything but gentle.  In fact, she nearly put her tongue down my throat!  Far from being intimidated by this mob of horney guys, she was ready for action!  I was surprised by her enthusiasm, but as she told me later she had gotten extremely turned on, not only by the dozens of men who were wearing little more than a towel, but by the idea that they were hungry for her.  She felt empowered by the way they had followed her from room to room, hoping that she would make the night a memorable one.

     Now it was my turn to be nervous.  After all, there were at least forty men in there.  If Rox got too hot too fast we were liable to lose control.  Animal lust is a thing that demands respect.  I didn't want things to turn ugly.  Yet Rox seemed almost ready to surrender herself completely, despite her vow of restraint.

     She climbed into my lap and pressed her body tightly to me, kissing me frantically.  She only stopped grinding herself into me to draw back to give herself room to remove her shirt.  I noticed that some of the men who haunted the corners of the room had begun to reach inside their towels and pull at themselves.  Rox kissed me in a frenzy as I unsnapped her lacy bra.  I turned her around on my lap until her back was to me, letting her feel the fabric of my shirt against her bare skin as I uncovered her breasts for viewing by the assembled group.

     She was panting audibly as I whispered in her ear:  "You're turning on all these guys, baby, you're making them get hard.  Now they're looking at your naked ****.  See how you're making them jack off?" 

     My words were like tinder to the flames of her desire.  Her nipples pressed defiantly into my palms as she gazed about the room through half-closed lids at the men who began to ********** more openly.  She stood up suddenly and turned to face me, putting her ***** at the level of my face.  Slowly she slid the hem of the mini skirt up until I was staring at the dark triangle of her ****, visible through the lace.  She rocked her hips back and forth in front of me, teasing me while giving everyone else in the room a good look at her pretty butt.

     I peeled her pantyhose down to mid-thigh, and cupping her bare cheeks in my hands, pressed my face into her soft mound.  The sweet pungent smell of her sex communicated her high level of arousal.  As I dipped my tongue into the top of her slit, gently brushing her ****, she let out a moan that shook the room.  The sexual heat turned up a notch, and more of the men began to shed their towels and move a little closer.

     I started to eat Rox more vigorously, and though she squirmed, I held her tightly to me and went at her opening like a bear after honey, making long, distinct, hungry laps.

     After a few minutes I stopped tonguing her ****** to peel her panyhose the rest of the way off.  She lifted her feet one at a time so that I could remove the stockings completely, and before she could lower herself back down on the mattress, I stood up and held her upright, pulling her skirt off and hugging her naked body to my clothed one.  Once again I turned her around to face the crowd that saluted her with their erections but this time she was ******** down completely.

     Like a kid with a prized possession I exposed my wife-to-be in all her naked glory to the assembled crowd.  It was dangerously exciting to show the luscious body of my unclothed fiance to the yearning men who looked at her ravenously.  They were like a pack of wolves drooling around a ***** in heat.  The last of the men to retain their covering dropped their towels and openly *********** at the vision before them.

     Understandably, Rox was overcome by the vision of the large group of nude, sexually aroused men that flaunted their ***** at her like anglers trying to lure the prize catch to nibble on their bait.  Her knees were shaking as I held her from behind, displaying her feminine parts without the slightest wisp of cover.

     "They want to **** you, baby," I whispered in her ear. "They're just waiting for an okay before jumping all over you.  What if I tell all those guys it's okay to stick their ***** in you.  Would you come real good for them?"

     Rox broke out of my grip with a groan and turned toward me, mashing herself against me.  "**** me" was all she said before she started tugging at my belt and unzipping my fly.  I unbuttoned my shirt as she dropped to her knees.  She yanked my pants down, releasing my sturdy organ to swing out into her face.  Grabbing the base with one hand, she engulfed what was left in her hot mouth and sucked for all she was worth.

     The men had been moving forward cautiously and now they formed a tight ring around my fellating wife.  Surrounded by all that male flesh, Rox nearly swallowed my **** in her enthusiasm.  I finished removing the rest of my clothes and lifted her to her feet once again so that I could fulfill her request of a few minutes earlier.

     Crouching slightly, I lifted her right leg up over my left hip, and reaching around behind her, I guided my erection to the hot, slick opening of her sex.  It took a little adjusting to angle us in such a way as to get my **** in an entry position, but once there it slipped in easily with all her eroticly induced lubrication.

     Rox let out a huge groan as an ******, triggered by being filled completely in one thrust, ripped through her.  For a moment, all Rox could do was hang onto me and shake as she climaxed.

     I began to thrust into her slowly, gradually straightening my legs until only Rox's toes were touching the floor.  As the sensation of being impaled on my rigid pole grew, Rox began to gasp and cry out muffled obscenities.

     One of the men nearby cautiously reached out to lightly caress Rox at the small of her back.  She seemed oblivious to it as she sensuously squirmed on my horn.  Since Rox offered no resistance, the man blatantly placed his hand on her at the top of her hip and slowly stroked downward until he was feeling her buttock. 

     This was the first time I had ever seen another man touch Rox in a sexual way, and in spite of her prior pledge to rebuff physical contact with any of these strangers, she certainly was not doing anything to stop this man from feeling her butt.  In fact the stranger's touch was inflaming her even more, if that was possible, until Rox was mashing her mouth against mine in a frenzy as she, aided by gravity, ground herself on my ****.  I was effected the same way by her willingness to let another man touch her intimately.

     This initial contact by one of the other patrons signaled a new level of acceptable behavior among the men, almost as if everyone in unison had "gotten to second base."

Hands began to reach out and stroke Rox lustfully as she climaxed continuously.

     I was on the verge of coming myself when I finally pulled out of her.  I was weak in the knees as my stiff poker fell out between her legs.  She gasped in frustration at being emptied so abruptly but was totally compliant as I explained to her that we must lie down to continue.  Abandoning our clothes, I took Rox by the hand and after  first making sure that she could walk, led her through the the tightly massed crowd. 

     As I broke through the ring of spectators, I turned to check on Rox.  What I saw instantly revived me and spurred my lust onto a plateau of desire to which I had rarely ascended before.  Rox was literally covered with hands.  As if floating in a dream, she glided through the sea of hands that stroked, probed, and explored her body from thighs to shoulders.  While they madly jacked off around her, the nearest ones actually rubbing their penises against her, every man who could reach her competed for feels of her breasts, abdomen, buttocks and pubic region. 

     What an unbelievable feeling it was to know that my woman was the focus of the desire of all those men!  In an every day situation Rox would not have permitted a single one of them to touch her this way, not even through her clothing!  Yet here were dozens of men touching her bare skin, taking advantage of Rox's extreme arousal, experiencing  the effects of her feminine erotic need.

     Even more exciting than that was the fact that Rox was inviting it!  She was wantonly permitting herself to be groped indiscriminately by anyone with the desire to do so!  Vicariously, I felt Rox's intense excitement at being inundated with the sensuous attention of so many members of the opposite sex whose intention it was to find gratification in her willing body.   

     When at last she broke free of the tangle of searching fingers, we hurried into an adjoining room and onto a mattress on the floor as the mass of sexually charged men flooded in behind us.

     I swung Rox down on the bed and fell on top of her, entering her in the missionary position as the first of the throng to arrive sat or knelt beside us.  Rox writhed in her ecstasy as I plunged into her again and again.  Eyes closed, she allowed the men around us to continue fondling her breasts as she bucked beneath me.  She clutched at my butt as she received my thrusts until I was again ready to shoot my load.  I wanted to savor this moment, however, and withdrew before erupting in order to turn us over.

     Now, with Rox kneeling astride me riding me like a naked cowgirl, the hands that reached for her were joined again by hard penises that jockeyed to make contact with her.  Rox's own hands were guided outward toward the erections.  Rox allowed the men to connect her hands to their hardons but was at first passive as two of them thrust their erections into her palms.

     Another first, I was able to witness this next stage in the unfolding erotic drama with my own personal interest.  It had been clear from our first days of dating that Rox was a lover of the phallus.  She would slways take her time with mine, relating to it as if it was her special pet to hold and love.  Now she had one in each hand.  Like little children, restless and expectant, they throbbed against her palms as she tentatively encased them in her fingers.

     Then as if the wall of her inhibitions suddenly crumbled, she sat bolt upright and making no more of her coy pretense, began to lavish loving attention on the ***** in her hands.  Having crossed this new barrier, it was only a matter of several minutes before she was examining all erections within her reach, tugging at them, testing their rigidity, and relishing their fleshy differences.

     "That was so fun," Rox related later.  "There were so many of them, and they were all so different!  I never saw a **** as fat as the one on the that guy that was next to me.  The only similarity I found among them was that they were all so hot!"

     From my prone position I gazed in awe as my Rox released her restrictions and fondled the sex organs of the men around her.  I watched as her attention was directed at one then another of them.  The muscular man on her right squeezed her right breast as he felt the exquisite softness of her touch on his short but very thick ****.  Then she turned to the tall, thin man who towered above her on her left.  She pulled on his long **** with one hand while her other one searched between his thighs for his hairy sac.  Turning more to her left she was able to grab the ***** of the two men who knelt at either side of the man directly next to her as the man to the rear reached around to caress her left breast. She offered her services to all those within reach, leaving no one out, making sure that each **** that extended toward her in desire was rewarded with her silky handling. 

     Soon enough, her explorations became more purposeful and she began jacking them in rythym to her gyrations on my lap, switching off every couple of minutes.

     Two of the men stood up on either side of Rox to offer their organs to her mouth.  She looked them over, but turned her head away from their insistant prodding and pumped them with her hand instead until they understood that she would not take them into her soft mouth. 

     The muscular man on her right was the first to come.  As it became obvious that he was ready, Rox picked up the pace of her pumping.  Her erotic cries echoed his increasingly animal-like grunts as he neared ******.  Her intense gaze shifted rapidly between his contorting face and his red and swollen organ.  Finally with a loud groan he thrust his penis out at Rox and held it there, shooting a streak of ***** across her belly and flodding her fist.  The second squirt slapped against her hip. 

     This sparked Rox's own ******, and she groaned and bucked harder on my **** which was swelled to bursting high up inside her.  These first two ******* began a chain reaction continuing with the tall man on her left who started coming in Rox's other hand, the hot sticky liquid pouring out of her palm and down onto her thigh.  This caused the Chicano man to Rox's right and fore to lose control, but before he did he stood up and aimed his erection so that his first shot splattered loudly on Rox's throat and  ran down between her heaving breasts.  The next one shot out into the web of her hair and dripped down onto her shoulder. 

     My own ****** was inevitable at that point as the sight of my beautiful woman shaking in ****** as she was systemat-ically covered with the ***** of strangers sent me to unparalleled heights of rapture.    

     As my spermy wad shot into Rox like liquid bullets, the man in front of her and to her left franticly motioned the man beside him who had already come out of the way so that he could move in close.  As my body wracked with the convulsions of my tremendous release I saw this next man squirt his seed against the bottom of my woman's left breast then shoot several more jets onto her abdomen where they clung for a second before rolling down to her thighs and into her pubic hair.

     The deluge of smelly ***** that coated her inside and out turned Rox to jelly as she toppled onto my chest.  We kissed passionately as we reveled in our passion, my **** churning in her molten depths in mutual climax that seemed eternal.  Her insides were soggy with our juices and her breasts were slippery against my chest.  My **** remained brick hard inside her despite the intensity of our ****** and Rox whimpered her appreciation as the wave of bliss subsided.

     The decline of our frenzy was punctuated by the belated ******* of a couple of the other men who shot their come across Rox's back like the final streaks of icing on the cake.  The unexpected shower made Rox laugh, and her elation was contagious, sending a wave of exhilaration throughout the panting crowd and promoting a comraderie among the men.  Her lovers eagerly offered to fetch her dry towels and a glass of water.  We all casually stroked Rox as we chatted in the afterglow.    

     Never had my Rox looked more beautiful as I helped her rise from the come soaked mattress.  Her skin, liberally splashed with the ***** of numerous men, looked radiant and alive.  Her smile was one of pure love.  Her tousled hair framed her pretty face, and as she stood next to me I embraced her again and kissed her tenderly as the admiring men around us congratulated us on finding each other and thanked us for sharing our passion for each other with them.

     We were as bouyant as teenagers on our drive home, giggling at our mischief.  I prodded Rox into into pulling her panty hose down in the car and ************ as we drove.  Once we were back in our own bed, we slowly ****** the rest of the night, staying connected for many hours.

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Great hot story.

Wonderful, intense story... I can't wait to hear more of your experiences ! Like an earlier commented I've had somewhat similar experiences, which I have or will write about to some degree...but watching your lover coated in *** while she rode you sounds so amazing, such a peak experience!

Has Cindy/Rox ever been DP'd or Tripled?

very arousing story....would love to see my wife get lost in lust like that, very are a lucky couple

Thanks for the compliments! Yes, we are lucky... and I'D like to see your wife get lost in lust that way, too! the other men that were there really got a memory to last a life time as well...

Incredibly hot story. Would love to be friends so I could see your pics. Rox sounds incredible

Great story.

nice story.. turned me on

Thanks, milepile!<br />
<br />
Thanks, GonbadUK - but why not share your story with us? You may not think it is as good but there might be others here who would think quite the opposite! I'd sure like to hear about it!

Had a similar - but nothing like as good - experience with my ex - your story is a REAL turn on - thank you


I don't see why not, Vwisk - my wife didn't say no to anyone!<br />
<br />
Thanks, Bigjohn!