I Love To Take My Wife To Swingers Clubs.

I really enjoy taking my wife to Swingers Clubs. The preparation, her picking out just the right thing to wear, the outfit that will help grab the eyes of the guy (or guys) that will be pleasuring her later in the evening. To the application of of her makeup, a little more applied around the eyes and lips for that "sluttier look". Then there's the anticipation, she always gets nervous on the drive to the club (which is usually resolved with a lite dinner accompanied by a few cocktails). For me it's the anticipation of another night of getting to watch my wife flirt with, get openly fondled by and eventually pleasured by one or more of men that she had just met. We have had several great experiences at Swingers Clubs, she prefers ones that allow single men over the clubs that allow only couples and single ladies. What can I say, she prefers multiple guys when she's in the mood!

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I love it when my wife has two guys!

Your story is very familiar. I take my girlfriend to our favorite swingers club at least twice a month. She goes through the same routine that you described, getting her hair and makeup perfect, and trying on lots of different outfits to find just the right one. She always insists on a little alcohol to calm her nerves, even though we've done this countless times. But, she's always fine after we get to the club and she gets the first **** in her. Then, she can't get enough. I usually play with a few of the girls there, but what I really enjoy the most is watching my girlfriend letting herself go, taking on one guy after another, giving her **** a total workout.

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IS wife switching brings a postive change in the life of a couple. please comment and send to babuzaikhan@yahoo.com

We go to TJ's , a club here in central PA. Things get a little wild there and we love it. I love for my wife to display her charms there. She's been known to show all on the dance floor. Not a big thing because she never wears anything under the dress or gown she arrives in. She usually will change to a halter top and sarong or something of that nature and usually will lose part of that before the night is over. The only problem I have is that she mostly wants to show off and seldom finds someone she wants to play with other than touchy feely on the dance floor. I'm always looking forward to her again deciding to try another mfm 3 sum

Our clubs in the area have shut, so we've been going to hotel parties. My wife likes to bring several outfits. As the night progresses she changes into sexier and sluttier clothes. Whew - I know how you feel because there is nothing more thrilling than watching your wife turn it on!

It is so much fun to watch the anticipation build in them