Well I am back and I would like to tell how our evening went. We left the party, and my wife was feeling good and flirtatious. I drove on to the highway and headed south, for which I was buying some time. We were joking and laughing about the evening, and I had my hand resting on her leg and rubbing the inside of her thy, ever so lightly. I got off the highway and headed to an adult book store / theater, with out telling her at first. As I got closer, I told her I wanted her to join me in a fantasy of mine, which she never really wanted to do, and that was to go to an Adult book store. I told her that I would buy her a new toy and she could pick it out this time. Reluctantly she smiled and said…..Ok, just this time, I am feeling pretty good right now, lets do it.

So we pull in to the theater, and went inside, and my wife was clinging on to me very closely, but giggling as we were walking around. I made my way over to the counter and paid for two tickets in to the movie room before my wife would object; I just grabbed her hand and led her in. It was dark in the theater, you couldn’t see where we walked, but made are way down to the center of the seats. My wife was saying things like, “I can’t believe I am in here”. We settled in and the next movie began, and ironically it was one that was about a husband sharing his wife…I thought how appropriate.

Was started rubbing her leg again, and she was glued to the screen, watching this amateur film of a husband watching his wife make love to a strange man. I took her hand and placed in over my pants covered **** and had her feel how hard I was. I took my hand and started rubbing her panty covered ***** and found her wet already. I looked around and found men sitting behind us and one sat a seat down from my wife, and one was working his way over to sit in front of us. I wanted to see what happened next so I unzipped my pants and dropped them and let her grab my now exposed hard ****. She was massaging me with her eyes glued to the screen.

I noticed that the young man moved next to her and had his hand on her leg, now I am still massing her ***** and she is starting to moan and move her *** in her seat. I turned to her and kissed her and opened up her blouse, unhooked he bra and let out her ****. I massaged them as I was kissing her. I looked her in the eyes and said, “Your going to have some fun tonight, let yourself enjoy!” She didn’t say a word, she closed her eyes, and I than grabbed a man hands that were standing be hind her and placed them on her breasts. He started massaging them. The young man next to her had is **** out and I took her hand and placed it on his ****. He was large, larger than me, God what a turn on. She continued to keep her eyes closed and her breathing was getting heavier.

I knelt down in front lifted her *** and took off her panties; I gave them to the gentlemen in front. He immediately sniffed them to get a good sent of my wife. I spread her legs and put my mouth to her ***** and licked and sucked. Other men grabbed her legs to keep them apart and watched me eat my wife as they jerked off. I ate her until she came hard. I got up and I decided to let the young man have his turn, I let him know it was Ok and he dove in-between my wife’s legs. The gentleman behind us took his large **** out and had it stoking it next to her check. He than guided her face to the side and rubbed his **** over her lips, she parted slowly and allowed this mans **** into her mouth. He started moving his **** in and out.

The young man stood up and placed a condom on and placed his **** at her entrance. She was so wet and hot, she reached up and grabbed his *** and brought him in to her. There was my wife; she had a strangers **** in her mouth and one in her *****. A man was ******* off into her panties and she ****** the young man for all of her energy. She got on all fours; two men were feed her **** as the young man pounded her from behind. She was on the verge of screaming, as she came again and again. Just than the young man cried out…I’m *******…He pulled out, whipped off the condom and cam all over her back, and at the same time the other two men couldn’t hold it after what they just say and came on her face. Unbelievable, what a site, she collapsed in the chair, close to passing out. I still had a raging hard on…but I wanted to wait and get her home and than I would have my turn. I let the one man have her panties; the gentlemen thanked me and gave me there phone numbers as I led my wife out of the theater.
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Awesome story. We are all assuming the wife liked it all. What were her comments the next day? Is she ready to go again? I tried to get my wife into the theater but no luck yet. add me plz.

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