Adult Theater Wife

There had many a night throughout our marriage while the adult theaters were open in our area my wife would wake me up at one or two in the morning asking me to take her in to get ****** Reel good in the wintertime she would dress for the occasion she would put on a long heavy coat with nothing underneath it. We would stand in the back of the theater loving eyes didn't just into the darkness she would open her coat exposing her body. She immediately got all the attention she wanted they were men all over her I stepped to one side to let them have her. After he while we would go to the upper part of the balcony she would lay on her back and spread her legs and let any man that wanted her pump her full of baby making seed this one on for quite some time sometimes till 4 AM he had to be at work at seven so I didn't get much sleep on those nights but it was worth it.
jcomerford jcomerford
36-40, M
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Very nice

Ah, the dream we all dream of...

got to love a hot wife like your to go to a adult threature and open her **** like that, bet she did so love getting **** by so many men there. wish i could have meet her there and got a chance to **** your hot wife