First Time At An Adult Theater

The story is not too hot, but it was good for our first adventure. We showed up at Bizarre Times about 12:30 AM after going out to eat and then to a club with friends. We paid our $20 and went into the theater. It was empty, so we took a front row seat and prepared to wait it out. We made out for a while. I ******** her top to play with her ****, and she opened my pants to get things started. It was about 15 minutes in when she began sucking on me, and we heard someone enter the back of the theater. It was another couple. My wife stopped blowing me for a minute. They took a couch several rows behind us. We went back to making out while I toyed with and sucked her ****. As the couple behind us started making out, my wife went back to sucking me. After a bit, I got down on my knees, pulled her panties off, and started eating her. After just a few minutes, the other couple got up and came down to the first row just across the aisle from us. She started sucking him as I ate my wife to her first ******. It didn't take her long to get there, and she came hard. Her watching another woman sucking a man really got my girl going! After I ate her a bit more, I stood up and fed my wife my **** again as the other guy started eating his wife(?). I thought it was about time to get busy. I laid my wife down on the couch and began to **** her. We ****** for about 15 minutes. During that time, the other guy finished eating his girl and began ******* her. It is a wild experience to be ******* your girl while another couple is doing the same 4 feet away. I got my girl to a strong and vocal ****** before filling her up. It seemed to do a lot for the other couple as they got to the same place only a minute or two later. We decided to clean up, get dressed, and be the first to leave. We never spoke a word between us, but the situation was totally hot. For our first time at this it was great. I am sure future trips will have more in store, but this was sexy as hell! Luckily my wife thought to bring wipes, or she would have walked out with *** running down her legs. We have both agreed that this will happen again soon.
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3 Responses May 2, 2013

very hot


Please make sure to post your next adventure. This one was Hot!

thank you