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One Night In Amsterdam

It was almost six years ago, I had a business trip to Amsterdam and asked my wife if she wanted to come too.  I was busy during the day time but free at night.  The first evening, we met a couple of colleagues and went for a few drinks and dinner. The others gradually drifted off to their hotels, and we walked throught the city centre, enjoying the sights and sounds of the busy night life. Then as we were near the red-light district, I saw a small theatre with live sex shows. The next one started in ten minutes. "Come on I said-  nobody will know you". With slight hesitation, she agreed and in we went. 

The show was Ok, nothing too amazing but you had to hand it to the artists for getting it on while on stage in front of two hundred people. That's brave for you !  Anyway, it started a bulge in my trousers and a certain moist patch in her pants. We quickly went back to our hotel to start our own games and it lead to the longest, hottest sex for ages.

ps. our youngest has just had his fifth birthday -  something to remember the night by, if ever there was !   b



busterbill busterbill 41-45, M 1 Response Aug 25, 2009

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Sounds like fun!