Grave Sitting

For the entire time i lived in Lincoln NE me and my girlfriend go grave sitting sit on the grave of a friend of hers that died very young.

We'd bring trinkets and pennies, leave ciggarettes, toys, pour shots on the ground tor him, food, toys anything little and unobtrusive and just "hang out with him" 

Of course we'd take pictures out there, it was somewhere we'd spend at least 1 hour ever 3 months and more if life was kicking us exceptionaly hard.

His brother comes out every month to clear away the gifts and put them in a special box- nothing is ever thrown out but held on to.

It's like morning only not.   It's recognizing somebody who has left your life while keeping their memory around.

I never met him, for example, but i am sure we would have been great friends if we had met.




Shierke Shierke
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2 Responses Oct 31, 2008

:-D actually i did know that ;-) pennies used to be made out of copper and copper represented good heath and luck, so they made ideal gifts..<br />
<br />
of course pennies have changed, but the tradition says the same.

As long as a person is remember he is not really dead. The Vietnam memorial is a good example of this. It's interesting that you leave trinkets on the grave. Did you know that in New Orleans the grave of Marie Levaux (a voodoo practitioner - pretty famous) is always covered in pennies. Each penny represents a prayer to her ( or a wish) Take care