I Am Chocolate Cake

So I am still up and it is past 4AM my time. I should be sleeping but no - I decide it is time to indulge in some mindless blogthing quiz. Which one do I find?

"What Chocolate Dessert are you?" Of course, being a chocoholic I must take this quiz. The results will not surprise those who really know me:

The Result: You are Chocolate Cake

"Compared to most people, you are quite indulgent and hedonistic.
You would never deny yourself any pleasure. Life's too short to scrimp on the good stuff.

You tend to be over the top and bold. You speak your mind, and you never apologize for who you are.
You can be a bit self centered, but you're always willing to share. You just want to make sure you have the biggest piece of cake!"

I am not sure most of this is entirely true about me, though I do tend to be impulsively indulgent when I have time. However, I am definitely mostly made of chocolate cake at this point.

You can take the quiz at:



jenvice jenvice
46-50, F
1 Response Jan 12, 2013

Chocolate cake is my favorite past time indulgence. I will fight you over the biggest piece!

You will lose - and you will find yourself thrown into a huge chocolate mud puddle!

I will tackle you and we will roll down the hill into the valley of chocolate lakes.

chocolate mud wrestling is forbidden around here but I will make this exception and ignore the rules - so I can kick your *** in chocolate

You can try to kick my *** but, I will give you the cocoa complex double, carry the 5, slide that under the 9, then multiply by two slap!

You can try but you will find your face full of chocolate cake. You will never be able to hold your grip on me in this chocolate mess.

I will spin like a blender then, I am bound to get a couple good hits.

Just remember to watch out for the shrapnel cause you are in my chocolate cake world.

I laugh at danger!~HA•

ha ha ha ha ha ha - I love that song

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