The Hybrid Of Jung, Socrates, Lincoln And Einstein, In That Order Of Fascination

Your personality type: "Analytical Thinker"

Logical, original, creative thinkers. Can become very excited about theories and ideas. Exceptionally capable and driven to turn theories into clear understandings. Highly value knowledge, competence and logic.

All the above true. I like the junction between logic and creativity. I prefer writing originally, can hardly get myself to copy-paste. If I write, I take time to write originally or nothing.

Quiet and reserved, hard to get to know well.

Discovering this to be true, at times on EP. I knew about the quiet and reserved part, but it’s disquieting to know about the latter. That’s something to work on.

Individualistic, having no interest in leading or following others. Highly analytical, they can discover connections between two seemingly unrelated things and work best when allowed to use their imagination and critical thinking.

True. I love to connect where others fail to see the connection. No interest in leading, is true. In terms of capability, I think if I choose to do that, I can. I think I am a good follower, I have been known to be a fair team player.

Careers that could fit you include:

Physicists, chemists, biologists, photographers, strategic planners, mathematicians, university professors, computer programmers, computer animators, technical writers, engineers, lawyers, forensic researchers, writers, artists, psychologists, social scientists, systems analysts, researchers, surveyors.

Computer stuff is what I am into. Quite understandable.
Loved the strategic planning during management study and topped it. I have had friends mention that I have that streak.
Always thought I didn’t have the visual sense for photography and was dumb in the color sense. This is encouraging, some hope and reason to go out and buy a camera ?
Always loved law and legal stuff, atleast in those novels and movies. My mind jumps to debate and love to put up a decent fight particularly from the losing side. Forensic research ? Sounds exciting, but I know I can't stand the repeated graphics when I get near.
To learn psychology is one of my procrastinated learning fantasies.

Hmm., Between extroverted and introverted, there must be a third category, Confused.
I had thought, I run less on the intuition fuel. Encouraging to know I am on the brighter side of that.
Between, thinking and feeling, may be I should do something to push the bar to the right ?
The tilt on Perceiving, is bang on. It definitely describes me best the way I knew me. I always want to sit back and look at the bigger, long-term picture and observe the general patterns from a distance and theorize about them.

Renowned persons with similar personality types:

Abraham Lincoln, American president – Admire him.
Albert Einstein, German physicist – Super-admire him.
Ashley Olsen, actress
Carl Jung, Swiss psychiatrist –

Love Jung's approach and theory. I devoured his autobiography Memories, Dreams & Reflections and is one of my favorite psychology readings ever. A Jung test saying I am like Jung, that’s definitely a great reason to be happy.

Charles Darwin, English naturalist – Admire him.
Gerald Ford, American president -
Jeff Bingaman, U.S. senator- Who ?
Mary-Kate Olsen, actress
Meryl Streep, actress- Loved acting through all of school and college. So, this is a happy thing.
Socrates, Greek philosopher –

Nice to know the similarity to atleast one philosopher, with all that theorising and philosophising running in my head.

Overall, this is one test that I felt came close.
I should admit, I always thought myself, something more than an Analytical Thinker, thats so boring and unpoetic, LOL.
Being on the left side on the Thinking-Feeling bar is something I didn't expect. Either the Feeling part of me wasn't caught well by the survey. Or, when I am nailed with questions,  it turns out I am different  from what I assess myself to be.
But, I am happy to discover that I am on the intuitive side. Thats a new one. I wish i move even further to the right on that bar.

What do you think ?

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1 Response Mar 9, 2012

I would really like to get my hands on a copy of Carl Jungs Red Book. Good read and self examination :)