Myers-briggs Test Anyone?

When I took the test of the 41 questions, I didn't realize it was actually very similar to the Myers-Briggs test, or is it the same? The questions are different, yet in the end I found that I was an INFJ which is the conclusion of Myers-Briggs tests. What's interesting to me is that I took that test many times in my life ( I am in my 60's) and everytime I was INFP, I am very surprised that I am INFJ but when I think about it, I have realized how I have changed the past 10 years or so, I see myself acting differently, I actually notice it and wonder why, but I do it. I am very happy to know that I still have my intuitive side and my caring about others. Personally I feel I am a very determined person to get something done whether for myself or for an underdog. I keep my promises to myself and others and apologize profusely if something stopped me from keeping them. I am utterly against injustice to me or others, though I can't seem to react at the moment it happens and that frustrates me a lot. Then I am often able to go back and explain and defend and I feel great that I was able to do that, for ME not for the other person. Whether things are changed from my going back or not, is not important, I am in harmony with myself and that's what counts.
beth04 beth04
66-70, F
Sep 16, 2012