First Bra

I took one from my first wife and went to the bathroom and took my shirt off then put the bra on backwards then spun it around then I pulled the straps up over my shoulders then to my surprise my **** fit right in the cups wow what a feeling and thats the day I was hooked on bras.
trtamn trtamn
46-50, M
7 Responses May 6, 2012

very sensual feeling

I like wearing bra and panties and high heels.

I am a A cup its small but its all me!!

Love how bras feel on!
Like a constant hug from my girlfriend.

Bras are so sensual to me. I love the hug of the straps.

Wearing a bra is such a nice feeling.

yes it is.I get very excited when I wear one.

I have been wearing bras for a long time first stuffed with panties and then my **** started to get bigger and fit and a-cup then a b and now a c-cupI have a lot of fun with mine I allways seem to get myself ****** when I pop them out.