Not Bad...

Perhaps not very scientific, but nice:
You Have a Wild Imagination You can think or dream anything. You have very vivid and colorful thoughts. [Granted.]

You have an easygoing and calm attitude. People can count on you to take life in stride. [True.]

You are energetic and fast moving. It's hard for you to slow down and relax. [Yes. Move on!]

You are a very together person. It's hard to phase you. [I would like to think so...]
Cigysub Cigysub
56-60, M
4 Responses Aug 7, 2010

I'm unfamiliar with that brand. Do they come in queen sizes? I love Levante, but their largest size is just a taste small on me (that's what I'm wearing today, they're otherwise quite wonderful). Guess I'll have to do some 'research" and develop a test...

Definitely. Inspired by you I just found this list:<br />
<br />
Examples of European labels:<br />
<br />
Aristoc<br />
Wolford<br />
Jonathan Aston<br />
Oroblu<br />
Levante<br />
Pierre Mantoux<br />
Kunert<br />
Falke<br />
Charnos<br />
Levee<br />
Gerbe<br />
<br />
My choice is Pierre Mantoux... Oh, what have I revealed?!!! :-)

I'd like to see a "What brand of pantyhose are you?" test. It would be very scientific LOL ;) interesting person :)